Appeal for Partnership


By Elder Fred Kabenge, PCU Secretariat Office Coordinator

The mission of the Presbyterian Church in Uganda (PCU) is to prayerfully promote Christ’s truth, holiness and charity for the glory of God.
Within PCU’s five year strategic plan, there is as one of her strategic initiatives the development of Christian schools wherever local churches are planted both in urban and rural settings of Uganda in addition to dedicating her efforts in the area of theological education for the Africa Church and beyond.
Education is one of the most vital needs of our children as it aims at providing them with the desired bright future. The PCU currently have close to a dozen primary and secondary Christian schools that are up and running though not without any challenges. PCU is in need of good school infrastructure, and support for orphans’ tuition fees among other things. PCU’s general feeling is that the best gift orphans (who are a major part of students’ population) could be given is educating them for a better future.
In addition, PCU is involved in theological education at her training institution, “Westminster Theological College and Seminary Uganda.” Men and women in Uganda and across the African continent and beyond are being prepared at this institution for the work of Christian ministry both in church and the larger society. This institution however is also faced by several challenges which include among other things lack of sufficient resources for campus infrastructural development, personnel development, and decent salaries to lecturers as well as scanty scholarship aid support to enrolled students both from Uganda and elsewhere.
Statistically the church in Africa is well known for having the “largest evangelical population of any continent around the world” nonetheless; the popular saying that “the church in Africa is a mile wide but an inch deep” cannot be underrated. It is against such background therefore that Westminster Theological College and Seminary was started to help training men and women in sound doctrine in order to enhance the church’s capacity to engage in effective Christian ministries whenever she happens to be established in Africa and beyond.
Accomplishing the afore mentioned tasks require not only much sacrifice and whole heart commitment on the part of the PCU but also call for concerted effort from the larger body of Christ. For that reason therefore, the PCU would very much appreciate partnering with any conservative Presbyterian/ Reformed parts of Christ’s body that would be stirred at heart and moved by the spirit (Exodus35:4-29) to join hands with her in meeting these major initiatives within her five year strategic plan.
For more information on how you can get involved, our contact is as indicated below: