Fundraising for PCU Secretariat Office

Dear PCU Presbyters, Church Members, and all Stakeholders,

Greetings in the Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ!!!

The purpose of this communication is to request for your support towards the establishment of the PCU secretariat office and coordination center. The Lord has provided the PCU denomination with half an acre of land on which the secretariat office is to be established. A master plan for the land is already in place; all we need to do now is to begin working on developing a basic structure to enable the secretariat office move and begin operating from its new site. Our partners whom the Lord used to help us secure this piece of land have set the following conditions for the PCU:

  1. 25% of supported amount in Euro will be in the form of a grant and 75% of the amount in Euro in the form of a loan.
  2. PCU shall provide a plan on how the plot will be developed in the meantime until the secretariat will move to the plot. This plan will be provided within 2 months after the plot has (partially) been paid for. From this plan it will become clear to us if the development will be on schedule and all that needs to be done to remain on schedule.
  3. As soon as the plot has been bought, PCU should start developing i.e. clear, level, lay the foundation and begin constructing at least an initial basic structure for the PCU secretariat office on this piece of land.
  4. The secretariat office will have moved to the purchased plot of land by July 1st 2016 meaning that it will be working i.e.(doing administration and receiving visitors) from this place.
  5. UM/DVN will financially contribute to the purchase of the plot, but not to the development of the plot. The development of the plot will be financed and/or carried out by the PCU members and other stakeholders.
  6. If the PCU secretariat office has moved to the new location by July 1st 2016, the loan as indicated in (1) above does not need to be repaid, but will be converted into a grant.
  7. If the secretariat has not moved to the new location by July 1st 2016, the plot will be sold by PCU before December 31st 2016 for a fair market price. This fair market price will be fixed by two independent and competent firms. The selling costs will be paid by PCU. After selling the plot, the loan will be reimbursed to UM/DVN in Euro within one month.

It is therefore against the above background laid out conditions by our partners that we write to request you begin contributing whatever the Lord would enable you to give so that construction work on the PCU secretariat Office land site may be started.

We would wish all of us at this point to be reminded of a biblical precedent when Israel was sojourning in the wilderness during the time of the exodus. Moses raised before the pilgrims a need to put up a tent of meeting for the Lord. The response from the people was remarkable; everyone whose heart stirred him and everybody whose spirit was moved contributed willingly and generously towards the development of the Lord’s tent of meeting Exodus 35:4 – 35. The people kept bringing in their contribution until those who were involved in the construction work approached Moses and requested him to stop the people because they had brought in more than enough Exodus 36:1-7.

Our prayer therefore, in this regard is that the Lord would stir the Hearts and Spirits of His chosen and faithful people to willingly and generously contribute towards this noble cause which is aims at the continued promotion of His kingdom in Uganda and the world over to the glory and honour of His Name.

We eagerly look forward to your positive and active participation both in terms of financial support and physical involvement as you give of your resources, skills, and talents so that this critical need of the PCU would be met to the praise and honour of the Lord’s glory.

The PCU Secretariat Office would also wish at this moment to extend its deep appreciation and gratitude to the session of Zana Community Presbyterian Church (ZCPC) for the incredible kindness and grace it has exhibited in offering the current space where this office has been running the denominations activities since its inception in 2010. The secretariat office members of staff therefore pray that Zana Community Presbyterian Church and her leadership would indeed enjoy the kind of blessings Obed – edom the Gittite enjoyed when he willingly and graciously housed the Ark of God for three months after the aborted mission of King David to have the Ark taken home into the City of David (1Chronicles 13:13-14).

Please, kindly make your contribution towards this noble cause either by direct deposit to the PCU bank account, or give it to your local church session (Board of Elders) or Diaconate (board of deacon), and notify the PCU secretariat office about the effected transaction through any of the following contacts for follow – up purposes: Email:, Mobile Numbers: +256 -782-869-342, or +256-772-668-094, or +256-701-380-541.

Please contact us for details about the Bank Details

In Christ,

Elder Fred Kabenge

Coordinator – PCU Secretariat Office


Mobile No. +256-782-869-342