Our History

The Presbyterian Church In Uganda began in 1979 by Rev.Dr.Kefa Ssempangi.  Kefa had pastored a very large Pentecostal church in Kampala for several  years. He had become well known as Uganda’s Minister of Art and member of Parliament. But in 1973 Kefa had to flee Uganda due to the persecution under Idi Amin. Kefa ended up in Holland at the late Frances Schaeffer’s  and Hans Rookmaker’s ministry called Dutch L’Abri. Dr. Edmund Clowney, then President of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, visited this ministry in 1973 and invited Kefa to study at Westminster. Kefa became convinced  of Reformed and Presbyterian principles while he studied at Westminster.

In 1979 Kefa invited the late Professors Harvey Conn and Jack Miller to help him start a Presbyterian church in Uganda. First Presbyterian Church began that year. Today there are some 39 congregations in five Presbyteries (oversight regions or regional churches). The PCU has many leaders who have a passion to reach Uganda and all of Africa with the grace-driven, Christ-centered, God-exalting, Biblical and Reformed faith of historic  evangelicalism