The Secretariat

Office of the Secretariat is the administrative office  of the Presbyterian Church In Uganda. It is the agency responsible and accountable for all the activities that pertains General Assembly both  nationally and internationally having as its primary role and priority  the ensuring of effective and efficient operation of all PCU standing  committees.

  1. Makes arrangement for meetings.
  2. Compiles and prepares reports.
  3. Co-ordinates with other relevant bodies.
  4. Administrates the affairs of the PCU.
  5. Plans, coordinates and arranges facilities and services of the secretariat.
  6. Implements the recommendations of the GA.
  7. Prepares initiatives and make proposals to be tabled at the GA for  consideration.
  8. Responds to matters that arise between meetings of the assemblies so-longer as it does not go against the secretariat’s standing orders.
  9. Oversees the domination’s financial and administrative progress
    by receiving ongoing reports and regular financial statements from the
    treasurers’ reports.